Are you a Garage, Car Body Shop or Workshop that carries out stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel welding or do you require oxy-acetylene for heating up and freeing off seized parts on motor vehicles?

We can supply you with various size cylinders for all your requirements and offer reliable, prompt delivery or you can collect from our premises.

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  • Fast Local Delivery
  • Rental Basis available
  • Rent Free Albee Cylinders

Argon, CO2, Oxygen & Acetylene Gas

Welding Gases


Primarily used for TIG welding – stainless steel or aluminium.

Welding Gases

Argon CO2 5%

MIG welding, various applications – mild steel car body welding and fabrication.

Welding Gases

Oxygen & Acetylene

To use for all your problems with seized bearings and stubborn exhaust systems which require freeing off. Can also be used for brazing.

Hants and Dorset can offer all these cylinders on a rental basis or we also have available the Rent Free Albee Cylinders which come in smaller sizes and once purchased become yours to keep – you only pay for the gas refill!

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