Here at Hants & Dorset Industrial Gases Ltd we have over 40 years’ experience in the Industrial, Domestic and Balloon Gas markets and it all started with the supply of domestic gases to the home and camping market. Over the years our product range has evolved and we offer more and more products to meet customers ever growing demands. We are one of the few suppliers who can offer almost all types of gas including Helium Balloon / Party Gas, Calor Gas, Propane, Butane, Patio Gas, BBQ Gas, Camping Gaz, Beer & Cellar Gas, Argon TIG Gas, MIG Gas, Technical Diving Gas, Nitrogen and also the new rent free Albee Cylinders.

Every customer is important to us and we pride ourselves on our reputation and exceptional standards of service.

We are centrally located and within easy reach of the M27 off junction 5.